Can You Believe That?

Wow! This book is getting so suspenseful! I never thought that the man with the yellow suit would be so disgusting. I never knew that he would be looking for them. I suspected that he know something, but not the fact that his grandma knew Miles’s children and the odd family.  This is so good! I was shocked that he was going to make Winnie drink the water for his demonstration. She would be 10 forever! That is cruel!

But not the constable is there! He won’t believe anything that they will have to say about the stranger. He will think that the family is a bunch of dangerous criminals. How will they get away? No, horse!  But then again, the stranger’s horse could be Tuck’s horse. I am not sure if he left it at the Foster’s house. I can’t remember!

Tuck Everlasting-To Drink or Not To Drink

This book is so good so far!  There is a lot of description sometimes that is good to read. Other times I wish Natalie Babbitt would just get on with it. The suspense is getting to me. Should she tell everyone the secret?  I hope not. I think that there is great value as  in letting life happen. I wouldn’t want Winnie’s grandma to drink the water. I wouldn’t want Winnie to drink it being 10 years old. There’s so much for her to experience in life. I agree 100% with Tuck. I think that I would be bored being the same for 104 years. What would be the point of it all. There would never be any challenges.  Don’t drink the water from the spring! DON’T DO IT!

Reading Responce CatWings

Today i read a book called CatWings.The reason that the Author picked that title is because the book is about some cats that grew up with wings.And you might think this book is weird but i think is iteresting and this book is totaly fiction cause theres no cats with wings in earth.Or theres no such thing as cats with wings.Ok now lets focus on what the book is about.Well the book is about that the mom of the 4 cats is worried or confused of why the cats grew up with wings.So then the mom told the cats that its time for them to go and find owners cause they where not babys anymore and then the cats huged there mom and said that they will miss her and then they where leaving but before they left the mom told them to not go to the ground but to fly.And then they found two kids witch where a girl,and a boy.So those where their owners.And they went to visit their mom once i a while.

Reading Response

Today I started reading Percy Jackson And The Olympians . So far I love this book I left of in the part where the boy gets on a bus and then he finds  a girl and she starts talking about her dad that he dies . His dad did not  exactly die his mom told her that her dad   went t to sail the Atlantic  ocean and that he got lost. Then the girl stayed with her uncle and then he got cancer . She had to quit school  (  she was a senior  ) she quit school because she had to take care of her uncle. Then her uncle died . After he died , she was left with no money , and no diploma . Her mom married another guy which  girl did not like . Once when she came from school she found him with his friends smoking and and drinking beer. 

100 Most Indestructible Things On The Planet



Today I read 100 Most Indestructible Things On The Planet. My favorite indestructible  structure was Graphene . Like diamond,Graphene is made of the element Carbon,but it’s a different  shape.It is made off incredibly thin layers[about one millionth of the width of a humans hair]because it is only one single atom thick.It’s so thin that scientists only managed to collect and study it close up as recently as 2004 .Graphene is the strongest materiel ever discovered.It’s about 200 times stronger than steel.If I had to rate this from 1 to 5,I would rate it a 6.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Sea Of Monsterse Chapters- I Accept Gifts from a Stranger and We Board the Princess Andromeda

Hermes is Luke’s father. He wants Percy to take the quest even though it might cost him banishment from Camp Half Blood. I knew he was going to take the quest, but I didn’t know how that was going to happen. I also figured that Tyson and Annebeth would join him somehow. I was hoping that he would go to sleep, however, so that Grover could communicate with him. Hermes had other designs.

The two snakes that we attached to Hermes’s phone were rather annoying. It was supposed to be a cute, but I didn’t care for it much. I just wanted Hermes to persuade Percy to take the challenge of the quest and to give him a few gifts. He got some Flintstone Cyclop vitamins and a lunch box that can unleash the four winds. I wonder when he will use it.

Now Annebeth, Tyson, and Percy are on this cruise ship called the Princess Andromeda.  Doesn’t Andromeda have some snakes or something with her. I need to look up more information about that. They are moving to the Sea of Monsters, so I am sure it will all fit together. I am also sure that I will figure out how it fits in due time.

This is what I found on Wikipedia about Andromeda: Andromeda is stripped and chained naked to a rock as a sacrifice to sate the monster, but is saved from death by Perseus. I find it interesting that Perseus rescues her, and it is Perseus (Percy Jackson) that has goes aboard the Princess Andromeda to escape the harpies.  It is also very interesting that Percy seems to be stargazing near the beach when Hermes approaches him. Percy enjoys looking at Hercules in the sky and the lunchbox has Hercules on it. Not coincidence. Rick Riordan is intentional with every detail of this series. That is why I always go back to reread certain paragraphs, so that I don’t lose any detail. All  of them fit together.

So far, so good! Just like the first book in the Olympians Series, this book does not disappoint. I recommend it to anyone.


This is the book that I am currently reading. If you like adventure and the greek god myths, then you will love this book.

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