About Me

ABOUT ME–so do I think the world revolves around me?  No, not really.    This shall About Me page shal remain under construction.  Why?  I am not a finalized product… yet.  I guess I won’t be finalized until I breathe my last breath.

Life is a process. Let’s just say that I am continually under construction. I am in a state of metamorphosis.

Who am I?  That is complicated.  I will try to be brief.

I am-

  • a mother to a wonderful daughter.
  • a daughter to a very special mother.
  • a sister to my sister and five brothers.
  • a  friend to my friends.
  • a teacher who is very passionate about what she does.
  • a writer and reader.
  • a poet.
  • an artist.
  • a coach.
  • a jokester.
  • a blogger.
  • an introvert by nature.
  • a sports fanatic.
  • a storyteller.
  • sometimes a Science fanatic.
  • under construction.

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